Anayo graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, he also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Masters in Business Administration.

His banking career which started in Zenith Bank spans through Fidelity Bank, Broad Bank of Nigeria that was later acquired by Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, Diamond Bank recently acquired by Access Bank PLC to Bank PHB PLC from where his service was transferred to Keystone Bank Limited in 2010. He has an in-depth experience in Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking, Oil & Gas, Power and Infrastructure and Local Corporates and Multinationals.

At Keystone Bank, Anayo initially was one of the Group Heads in Corporate Banking in charge of providing the financing needs of customers in the business of Aviation, Transport, Hospitality and Logistics. Following the downturn in the economy leading to increasing non-performance of loan facilities to customers, Anayo was tasked to head a department named Specialized Assets & Other Markets meant to remediate challenged loans and turn them into performing assets. This he executes with his profound credit knowledge, good relationship management and his top-notch negotiation skills while retaining oversight of large banking relationships in Aviation, Road Transport, Entertainment and Hospitality businesses in the Bank.

On April 1 2021, Anayo was redeployed to Retail, Small & Medium Enterprises and Value Chain division of the Bank and he is excited about the new challenge.

The most admirably of all his qualities is his unflinching loyalty to the Bank as well as his professionalism. He is imbued with remarkable emotional intelligence and demonstrable traits of a good negotiator.

Anayo is a Chartered Banker and member of Nigerian institute of Management and a prolific writer. He is also a life coach and a public speaker.