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Our Collection Services offer a host of options that enhances payment of bills and revenue collection on behalf of our customers ensuring the seamless receipt of funds into designated accounts. This service can be rendered to customers in sectors such as: FMCGs, Schools, Ministries, Agencies, Churches etc.

Questions our Collection services answer

  • Who Paid?
  • Where was it paid?
  • When was it paid?
  • How was the payment made?
  • How much was paid?
  • Where are the funds now?


  • Effective remittance and other related payments via convenient e-channels.
  • Safe, secured, and convenient payment channels for subscribers.
  • Elimination of losses and transparency in the accounting departments and issues associated with cash collections.
  • Adequate visibility of collections & other relevant captured information to support decisions.
  • Ability to achieve end-to-end integration with in-house application, thereby reducing reconciliation challenges to the barest minimum.
  • Creation of better transparency in the accounting departments.
  • Instant notification for every payment