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Oxygen is a Keystone Bank interactive virtual banker that chats with customers and carries out their banking transactions upon request.

Benefits Of Oxygen Chat Banking
  • It is Modern.
  • It is User Friendly.
  • It is a Fun way to Bank while Chatting.
  • Open accounts
  • Send Money (own account, intra and interbank)
  • Pay Bills
  • Purchase airtime
  • Purchase movie tickets.
Registration Process For Oxygen Chat Banking
  • Download and install the Keystone Mobile App from the Play store or App store.
  • Download and install Telegram or Facebook messenger as well.
  • Launch the mobile app and click on the Oxygen option on the landing page.
  • This automatically takes you to the telegram or messenger app, depending on the one you chose.
  • Once this is launched, Oxygen welcomes you with “Hello Customer name”. i.e. “Hello Thelma” “Hello Chukwuemeka “Hello Oluwafunmbi” “Hello Usman” etc.
  • Follow the Prompts and enjoy this chat banking service.
  • Note that Oxygen only works after you have successfully registered on the mobile app.