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It is an electronic payment service that allows users carry out transactions online from any location using Internet enabled devices such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, phones, etc.

  • Improves customer Self-service.
  • It is a secure platform.
  • It brings convenience.
  • The service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • It saves you the stress of queuing up in the banking halls.
  • View and send account statement to email.
  • Intra-Bank and Inter-Bank transfer.
  • Transfers to multiple beneficiaries.
  • Airtime top-ups and Bills payment (Telcos, Utility Bills, Cable TV Bills, Internet Services, Transport and Toll Services, etc.)
  • Self Service limit increase.
  • Book fixed deposits.
  • Lifestyle (Movie tickets, Flight tickets)
  • Standing Instruction/ Book a recurrent bill
  • Hide Balance…. offers you the option to hide/display account balance from shoulder surfers.
  • Self-password reset
  • Self-enrolment
  • Ability to log in with your mobile app user details.
Registration Process (with Account Number)
  • Go to Keystone bank website (www.keystonebankng.com) or Open Keystone Bank Mobile app.
  • Click on Register
  • Input account details
  • OTP is sent to your registered email and phone number
  • Create preferred username, password, Transaction PIN and input OTP
  • Enrollment successful
  • Select three security questions.
  • Login.
Registration Process (With Account Number and Debit Card)
  • Go to Keystone bank website (www.keystonebankng.com) or Open Keystone Bank Mobile app.
  • Click on Register.
  • Input account details and last 6 digit of your debit card.
  • OTP is sent to your registered email and phone number.
  • Create preferred username, password, transaction PIN and input OTP.
  • Enrollment successful.
  • Select three security questions.
  • Login.

Already on Mobile app? Please login with your Mobile app details (Username and Password)

How to Activate Keystone Bank mToken

Download and Install the Keystone Bank mToken from Playstore and Apple store (for Android and IOS users).

  • Click on ‘Get Codes’.
  • Input Internet Banking/Mobile App User ID (Please note that it is case sensitive).
  • Click on ‘Get Activation code’.
  • User ID and Activation code is sent to customer’s registered phone number and email address.
  • Open app to input the User ID and activation code.
  • Create a 6-digit PIN and then re-confirm it.
  • A National flag will display as your PIN hint (Please take note of the flag).
  • Click on OK and an OTP will be generated.

FAQs On Internet Banking

1. Who can use this service?

  • All individual accounts.

2. Can I use this service when I am overseas?

Yes, you can register and carry out transactions.

3. Can I use this service on any device?

  • No, only internet enabled devices ranging from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc.

4. Can I use this service on more than one account?

  • Yes, the service is automatically linked to all your retail accounts with the bank so you can select which account to use when performing a transaction.

5. How secure is this service?

  • To conclude a transaction, you will be required to input a token.

6. What Happens if I forget my Password?

  • Launch the Internet Banking page.
  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’, input Username, New Password, and Token.

7. How to authenticate transactions?

  • Hard Token or Soft Token (Keystone Bank mToken)

8. Why am I locked out?

  • You would be locked out from this service if you enter a wrong PIN three times. You need to contact the Bank for assistance.

9. How can I increase my daily transaction limit?

8. What is the difference between Transaction PIN and Password?

  • Transaction PIN is used to authenticate transactions (bills payment, transfers etc.). The default PIN is 4 digits and this must be changed at first login.
  • Password is what you use to login to the App before any transaction can be carried out.

9. How many characters must the Password and transaction PIN have?

  • Minimum of 8 characters (alphanumeric) for password.
  • Maximum of 4 digits transaction for PIN.

10. Can I send money to multiple beneficiaries?

  • Yes, you can.
  • This feature can be located on the menu ‘Bulk payments.’

11. How much is the Token?

  • Hard Token is N2,500, while Soft Token is Free.

12. How can I reach the bank if I have issues?

  • For further enquiries, kindly reach out to us on 07002000300, send an email to contactcentre@keystonebankng.com or write a message to us via the ‘Enquiries & Complaint’ on the KeyMobile App.