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Information Security Management System(ISMS) Policy for Keystone Bank aims to ensure the security and integrity of its information assets through compliance with ISO 27001 standard. Its main purpose is to recognize the importance of Information Security Management System (ISMS) in safeguarding information assets and establishes a framework for ISO 27001 compliance and continual improvement. It applies to all individuals associated with Keystone Bank who access, manage, or handle its information assets.

Keystone Bank is committed to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improving an ISMS in accordance with ISO 27001 standards. By Identifying and assessing information security risks and implementing controls to mitigate these risks and protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets through technical, organizational, and procedural security measures.

Our policy aligns with ISO IEC 27001:2022 standard to ensure robust protection of its information assets to monitor, measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of the ISMS through regular audits, reviews, and assessments. To continuously improve the ISMS based on audit results, reviews, assessments, and changes in the business environment and technology landscape.