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Merchant Services - Pos Payments

Point of Sale Terminals are electronic devices that enable retail locations accept and process card payments and other Value-Added Services (VAS). Features should be changed to advantages, last feature should be deleted as that is internal.


  • Alternative means of accepting payment from customers
  • Elimination of cost and security risk associated with handling cash
  • Convenience and ease of payment for customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention

Merchant Services - NIBSS Quick Response (NQR) Payment

NQR (NIBSS Quick Response) is a solution that enables individuals/SMEs to accept payments from individuals by simply scanning a code. All the merchant needs to have is a QR code while the customer has to scan, verify and authenticate.


  • Instant settlement
  • Daily transaction report
  • Avoidance of charge back
  • Enhanced payment experience
  • Convenience and speed