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International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) are financial companies engaged in cross border transfers. They are facilitators of international payment transactions.

  • Makes receiving money easy and convenient for loved ones
  • Safe and secure
  • Transparent Fees
  • Open to everyone
Acceptable Valid ID Cards
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • International Passport
  • National Identification Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s Card
Redemption of Funds
  • Direct to account
  • Cash Pick Up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. Maximum Payout amount per transaction (Western Union)

  • Maximum payout amount is $10,000.00 (naira equivalent). If transaction to be redeemed is more than $10,000, contact Money Transfer Services team.

2. Maximum Payout amount for MoneyGram

  • Maximum payout amount is $8,000 (Naira equivalent) within a period of 30 days.

3. Can transactions be paid by proxy?

  • Beneficiaries of Money transfers shall be physically present for the collection of proceeds. Payments by proxy is not allowed.

4. Currency of settlement

  • Currency of settlement for all receive transactions is in USD.

5. Who Are Our Target Market

  • Students who receive funds from their Parents/Guardian abroad.
  • Family members who receive/send upkeep from/to relatives abroad.
  • People who travel frequently and need access to cash (Tourists).

6. Can a Corporate entity use this service?

  • No. Per Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulation, money transfer services are restricted to individuals alone. This is a “Person –to – Person” service, hence businesses cannot use this service.