Keystone Bank Educates Over 1600 Nigerian Students on Financial Literacy

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Keystone Bank Limited has trained over 1600 students across Nigeria as part of its activities to commemorate the 2022 Financial Literacy Day and Global Money Week themed “Build your Future, Be Smart About Money”.

The Financial Literacy Day program is an annual awareness program set aside by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and aimed at enhancing financial literacy and inclusion amongst children. To mark this year’s event, employees of Keystone Bank visited 37 schools across the states in Nigeria. The Lender raised financial literacy awareness amongst 1600 students in Nigeria. The students were imparted with knowledge and skills to improve and manage their finances at an early stage. They were also taught the importance of earning money and also the guidelines to adopt a saving culture.

Commenting on the importance of financial literacy at an early stage, the Divisional Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Izore Bamawo, expressed that the initiative will help children imbibe a saving culture while making responsible financial choices and decisions thereby affecting their future positively.

“Keystone Bank’s participation in the 2022 Financial Literacy Day program has helped to further promote the savings culture amongst children and teenagers.”

“The CBN created this important initiative to encourage financial institutions to educate the younger generation on the basics of financial education and to also contribute to the improvement of financial literacy across the Nation.”

“Keystone Bank has remained committed to the continuous development of financial literacy and inclusion initiatives amongst children as it would help enhance their financial decisions thereby producing individuals who are financially responsible,” She said.

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