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Saving money is a crucial financial habit that everyone should adopt. If you haven’t initiated your saving journey yet, now is the time to take steps towards achieving your financial goals. However, relying solely on a traditional bank account may not be the wisest choice due to the current economic situation and high inflation rates. To maximize your savings, exploring alternative options has become essential.

While investing is a viable option, it involves a significant level of risk that not everyone is comfortable with. Fortunately, there exists a risk-free method to grow your savings, offering higher interest rates than the conventional savings accounts.

Keystone Bank’s High Interest Savings Account (HISA) is one of such accounts. It is a specialized savings account designed with your needs in mind, providing a superior interest rate compared to regular savings accounts to help you save more effectively and achieve your financial objectives. Rest assured, your savings are secure, and you can earn a higher interest rate simultaneously, providing peace of mind.


What distinguishes HISA, and what are its key benefits?

  1. Higher Interest Rates: The standout feature of HISA is the assurance of earning a superior interest rate. Depending on the type of HISA you choose, you can earn up to a 1.35% monthly interest rate, facilitating substantial growth of your savings over time.
  2. Joint Account Operation: HISA can be operated as a joint account, offering a convenient option for couples or business partners seeking to pool their resources for common financial goals. Sharing a savings account with your partner fosters accountability and strengthens the bond between you two.
  3. No Debit Card Issuance: Unlike regular savings accounts, HISA typically do not include debit card issuance. This restriction ensures that the account is primarily used for saving rather than spending, making it an effective tool for managing spending habits.

How can you maximize the benefits of your HISA?

  1. Establish Clear Financial Goals: Identify your short-term and long-term financial objectives. HISA account is an effective way to reach milestones such as home purchases, education funding, or building an emergency fund.
  2. Maintain the Minimum Balance: To fully capitalize on higher interest rates, ensure that your account maintains the minimum operating balance of N500,000.00.
  3. Regularly Contribute to Your HISA: Establish a routine of contributing to your HISA regularly. Set up automatic transfers for consistent savings without the need for constant manual intervention.

If this aligns with your financial strategy, visit your nearest Keystone branch to open your HISA account and embark on a journey of effective saving!