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People Make Our World

Welcome to our world, a world where you are free to be you; Welcome to the Keystone world where dreams and

achievement connect, where belief and action meet. The unifying platform on which this First Social Report is based is our

stated commitment to People: Shareholders, Customers/Partners, Employees and their families as well as our larger community.

At the core of our values and actions as a socially responsible and visionary corporate citizen has always been the individual: be he the

man on the street, the student in some remote college, the staff in the next office, the public servant dedicated to building our commonwealth or indeed safeguarding the environment in which we live and thrive.

It is this corporate focus that has ensured that we have not only become synonymous with commitment to the Nigerian dream, we have repeatedly been associated with the universal human passion for excellence.

The Bank’s corporate social responsibility strategy is to always focus on the multiple bottom lines - including profit, people and environment - in positively impacting the communities in which we do business.

Our social engagement process has always been driven by a painstaking process of needs articulation, stakeholder consultations and investment of the necessary capital (both human and material) required for sustaining and enhancing our development as a people. Matching our belief with action, we have consistently identified, nurtured and celebrated excellence in the community, in values, in letters: in people.

This is the universal thread that runs across our corporate social responsibility initiatives and indeed every sphere of our existence as

an organization as you will see in this Social Report which in itself is a trailblazer.

It is our belief, as evidenced in the growing number of institutions, both in the financial, manufacturing and other sectors who have caught

the vision of social development - that in pioneering these paths, others will be encouraged to walk with us in building the society of our

dreams: where you are free to be you.

We believe that the public need-to-know is supreme. This First Social Report is part of our culture of transparency, and indeed recognition of the value of effective two-way communication engendering stakeholder feedback and ultimately sustainable development.

While we recognize the essentials in the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI, standards, we have also endeavoured to make the Report a

pleasurable read.

You may contact us for a copy of the report.

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National Voter Enlightenment

In the lead-up to the epochal national elections which eventually ushered in the first civilian to civilian transition, Keystone Bank was again at the forefront of national issues.

The Bank partnered with the United States Information Services, USIS, and Ruyi Communications in a massive voter enlightenment programme focusing on the media as society’s agenda setters and information gate keepers.

The very effective programme, held in Lagos and Abuja, which was tagged “Media Empowerment Seminar Towards Effective Reportage of The 2007 Elections In Nigeria”, equipped the Nigeria Media with adequate skills and modern transnational experience required to facilitate effective professional reportage of the 2007 election.