Education Scheme

National Scholars Scheme

Keystone Bank National Scholars Scheme Background
The Keystone Bank National Scholars Scheme (carried over from former Platinum Bank) focuses on the pro-active orientation and training of the coming generation as the basis for change. This also celebrates the few who continue to stick to the positives that build a society.

This approach employs positive role models (who embody the required values) from all walks of life to speak with these audiences in their natural habitat and among their peer group.

The key messages revolve around the choices and effects available to every young person and how they must measure these.

Target Audiences: The primary target audiences are the indigent youths at the secondary school level with their enthusiasm for life and impressionable minds. The parents and the larger community will, naturally be affected by this programme.

Structure: The structure is such that all our branches are able to interact with and mentor students in schools chosen in their locations.

Duration: This is a lifetime project that will draw instant and continuing interest and effects all over. The rub-off effect on the present generation is that emphasis begins to shift away from the negative to the positive.

The Programme
The programme has three facets:

* Motivational Series
* Mind Development
* Mentoring Scheme

The Motivational Series
Positive attitudes bring success: good, sustainable success. This is the fulcrum of the motivational series, which utilizes popular and respected national figures that have achieved success by dint of those same desired positive attitudes.
These carefully selected role models speak with the youths in their natural environments-schools, neighbour-hoods and youth groups on inspirational events where questions are sincerely treated and experiences shared.
Driven by the power of positive words and inspirations, this facet will change the lives of many Nigerian youths. The models will be drawn from across all walks of life.

Mind Development
Knowledge builds the mind, to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are part of everyday life. More than ever before, the country is in dire need of building the intellectual capabilities of its people.
This will be achieved by equipping our select students with the necessary tools to be champions and world-beaters in all spheres of life by turning their focus to the power of a well developed and nourished mind.
No other place embodies this power than the library. Hence, the love for the library, the regular use of the library, the companionship of books, and the usage of its products is the second facet of the Keystone Bank National Scholars scheme.
From building libraries, to providing reasonable comfort, to the provision of modern and appropriate books, and the psychological attraction to reading itself, Keystone Bank National Scholars will continuously seek to build the mind of this generation.

The Mentoring Scheme
These twin approaches, inspiration and practical provision, are driven by a strong human interaction through the mentoring programme where willing members of staff mentor indigent students within their immediate localities.
A broad range of mentoring activities including discussions, counseling, teaching, picnics, book gifts, industrial visits, etc. are executed to change the students’ lives for the better.

The scheme was officially launched on Wednesday February 11, 2004 with 100 indigent students in five public schools - Eko Akete Grammar School, Victoria Island Secondary School, Government College Maroko, Ikeja High School and Agboju Secondary School as beneficiaries. For these students, we pay all levies and exam fees, provide them with uniforms, sandals and school bags, in addition to monthly stipends to ensure that they are not distracted from academic pursuit due to unavailable finances.
Modern libraries, each with a sitting capacity of over seventy students, have been re-constructed under the Mind Development series in each of the five schools benefiting from the pilot scheme. The libraries have been equipped with relevant books in all the key subjects while individual books have been purchased and distributed to all the benefiting students in all subject areas.
Apart from the natural effect of positively engaging the minds and intellects of otherwise idle students, the libraries built and equipped in the five schools are intended to bring back the reading culture in our public schools, just like it was in the good old days. The choice of public schools is a direct response to their parlous state.

Only a thinking Bank could have thought of this comprehensive programme and muster the courage to see it through.
For most of the students, tertiary education is a tall dream. Keystone Bank National Scholars Scheme for once has put their destiny in their own hands. Not many would want the opportunity to slip by.
Indeed, two years after full implementation of the Keystone Bank National Scholars’ Scheme began, it is already impacting positively on the lives of the beneficiaries.
Issa Wasiu for instance has just gained admission into University of Ilorin. When the scheme was launched in 2004, Issa was already in SS3, final year, in Agboju Secondary School. Born of an indigent carpenter father, Issa had no textbooks to read in preparation for the Senior School Certificate Examination. He was just hoping that his father can come up with the N5, 000 NECO fees. As Head boy of the School, Issa thought it would be embarrassing if he cannot come out with good grades in his final examinations.
Just then the Bank came knocking and Issa’s problems have been solved. Once supplied the books in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English and other subjects, he vowed to justify the investment in his life. Today Issa’s results have been released, and it is remarkably impressive. Of the nine subjects he enrolled for in the SSCE, he had distinctions in Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Yoruba language. The others were credit passes. His JAMB result was not any different as he now studies Engineering at University of Ilorin, on a five-year scholarship, courtesy of Keystone Bank National Scholars Scheme.
In the last decade, leading organizations the world over, have increasingly adopted the social responsibility imperative as the win-win approach for all concerned. Keystone Bank is setting the pace for organizations in Nigeria.
The future of the corporate - societal symbiotic relationship will find its face in Keystone Bank’s groundbreaking exemplary commitment to our common good.

IYCE (British Council)

Keystone Bank becomes a partner to the British Council’s IYCE initiative which identifies and rewards talented, young (ages 25 to 35) and creative entrepreneurs working across the vast spectrum of the creative world.

We have always been convinced that Nigeria’s future belongs to an educated work force and an emergent crop of leaders who will come up with innovative contributions to national development.

Signing on as sponsors of the YCEI is in consonance with Keystone Bank’s long-standing acknowledgment of the wealth of talent existing in the Nigerian creative economy. In addition, it enables empowerment of young Nigerians to achieve their creative entrepreneurial dreams by providing them with much-needed and often critical financial support.

Fulbright Scholarship

The choice of Keystone Bank is informed by the embassy’s recognition of the bank’s commitment to capacity building as well as to extending the frontiers of education, leadership and innovation.
The Fulbright programme, established in 1946 under legislation introduced by Senator J. William Fulbright, is traditionally sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State. In its over 50 years history, 267,500 scholars – about 6, 000 annually - have benefited from the Fulbright fellowship: 100,900 from the US, and the remaining 166,600 from other countries around the globe.

The Fulbright Scholarship is the US government’s most prestigious scholarship and past alumni include distinguished global icons like respected writers Chinua Achebe and Maya Angelou, renowned diplomats like Hans Blix, Boutros Boutros Ghali and Javier Solano as well as world leaders like Fernando Cardoso and Ingvar Carlsson of Brazil and Sweden respectively.

In August 2007, Dr. Abubakar Momoh, a Senior lecturer at the Lagos State University departed Nigeria for a research stint at UCLA under the aegis of the Fulbright – Keystone Bank Scholarship programme.

ICT Centre Projects

The Keystone Bank National Scholars Scheme focuses on the pro-active orientation and training of the youth as the basis for change in various communities where the Bank conducts business. Over the years, the scheme has established educational intervention projects with libraries being built and stocked, and scholarships being awarded to various pupils in various states of the Federation.

Keystone Bank partnered with the Inoyo Toro Foundation (ITF) an NGO, and foremost education foundations in Nigeria, Headstart IT, a Curriculum Developer with the NCC of Britain, and other project partners to expand the National Scholars and National Library Schemes to include ICT Centres, with the aim to educate as many pupils as possible over the next 5 years. As a pilot, and in partnership with the Akwa Ibom State Government, four Schools with Keystone Bank Libraries namely: Cornelia Connelly College, Afagha Oku; Independence High School, Ikot Ntuen; Methodist Boys High School, Oron and Salvation Army Secondary School, Akai Ubium; were upgraded to include ICT Centres. Each school was provided with 30 computers, all year round Internet Service, Generators and the NCC Curriculum resources for over 1000 pupils in Akwa Ibom State.

It is the hope that this project would impact society positively, while contributing to the elimination of computer illiteracy.

Schools Library Projects

The Keystone Bank National Library Scheme

provides libraries in various schools as part of its Corporate Social


Having weighed the plight of many government secondary

schools in various states in terms of educational materials and

facilities, Keystone Bank designed the National Schools Library Scheme

to support various communities nation-wide and impact society, by

providing fully stocked libraries for students.

The Scheme integrates a holistic initiative to uplift the

standards of education in community structures in the six geo-political

zones of the Federation.

Keystone Bank works with the officials responsible for

education in the states to provide access to education and mind

development for the indigent students.

Specifically, the National Schools Library Project offers the following;

1. Construction of School Library

2. Stocking of the library with textbooks in line with the National/State Curriculum.

3. Advocacy and community engagement for support of the project initiatives.

4. Award of scholarships to students in the schools based on set criteria.

5. Sponsorship of capacity building initiatives including seminars, excursions and training.

It is the hope that these initiatives will transform our communities.