Keystone Bank



The Keystone Bank Brand is built on meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing simple, convenient banking service at all times.

Keystone - Literally suggests that an object, system or philosophy is indeed born to hold together all the pieces that helps with its success. The Keystone Bank Logo is a motif made up of interlocking stones which represent safety, trust, strength and service, and it is further accentuated by different eye-pleasing hues of the colour BLUE - Royal Blue, Cyan and Ice Blue.
The Keystone Bank Brand pay-off line is . . . We Grow Together

VISION: To be the preferred platform for delivering convenient & reliable financial solutions.

MISSION: We will consistently deliver superior customer experience, leveraging people and technology to enhance stakeholders' value

Professionalism (We deliver quality) We demonstrate the highest standards of professional behaviour & ethics
Passion (We are highly motivated)
Our people demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment
Integrity (We do the right thing)
We are consistent in what we say and do
Team Spirit (We work collaboratively)
We strive to work together and support each other as we perform our different functions
Innovation (We champion new ideas)
We facilitate the development of forward thinking solutions
Service Excellence (We are service oriented)
We differentiate our service offerings by consistently creating value for our customers
Effective Corporate Governance (We follow the rule of law)
We are consistent, responsible and transparent in all our dealings
Entrepreneurship (We take ownership)
We are focused on delivering quality and desired outcomes and we always have the end in mind