Keystone Bank

Online Banking Security

● Keystone Bank has a robust internet banking service that is available to authenticated account holders of the Bank.
● Users of our online services including internet banking accounts should exercise caution while accessing the facility. It is very important to protect your Access Codes and Passwords, at all times ensuring you are not being watched.
● Also, it is not advisable to access your internet banking account via public computers at cyber cafes.
● Kindly ensure the link to which you are directed is a secure link.
● The link should start with https:// NOT the distinct https:// (note the second without an 'S' is insecure)
● Confirm the VeriSign identification symbol is on the site along with details referencing Keystone Bank
● Check to confirm that a security PADLOCK symbol is shown clearly at the top right hand corner of your browser
● Also the browser address bar should be greenish and un-editable
● Our Customer Contact Centre is open 24 hours, Monday through Sunday to handle enquiries ranging from account balance to all general banking services.
● You can call us on +234 700 2000 3000
or email us via: [email protected]